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Wire Harness

At the BDMG Wire Harness Division, we specialize in products that enable mobility around the world by being installed in Vehicles operated by numerous customers, helping people and businesses move around the world.

In a variety of modes of transportation, the company's products aid in power supply & data transfer and dramatically improve safety & reliability.  

Vertical integration ensures more value to the business by offering more content and capabilities, including component testing & validation, production engineering along with enterprise production planning.

As a result of BDMG's commitment to quality and timely delivery, the company enjoys a high level of recognition in the industry and continues to grow it's presence globally.


What is Wire Harness?

A wire harness is an assembly of wires, cables and
connectors that transmit electric power or signals.
Complete on site services include cutting, stripping,
crimping, soldering, as well as the assembly of wires in
a wide range.


It maximizes efficiency by binding wires together

in a safe and secure routing pattern with the use of

wire management products such as tie wraps,

slit loom tubing and a wide range of sleeving.

A wire harness keeps wires safe and out of the way,
reducing energy costs, saving on repair bills, and
adding to the safety of homes and workplaces, thus
many industries find wire harnesses to be invaluable.

A great deal of planning and forethought

goes into producing these wiring systems for

them to be as efficient as possible.

Here are some of the industries that use wire harnesses -

Industrial Control


Key Applications

Why choose BDMG for Wire Harness?

We at BDMG design & manufacture Wire Harness for a
wide group of clients based on the best industry standards.

We have standards and processes for controls in place to monitor the following -

Securing, etc.


We believe it is necessary to ensure full compliance of wire assemblies

as per industry best practices and requirements for the manufacture of

cable and wire harness assemblies.

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