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PTFE Teflon™ Wires & Cables

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PTFE Teflon™ Wires and Cables

We at BDMG, offer high quality PTFE Teflon™ wires for complex, high density wiring packages and cater to the necessity of top-notch electrical properties, small size and low weight.

PTFE Teflon™ Wires are also suitable for general industrial applications where a wide range of operating temperatures (-60 °C to +260 °C) may be experienced together with exposure to corrosive chemicals.

Some of the Key Specifications are mentioned below:


Categories: Unscreened, Screened, and Sheathed.

Voltage grades: 250 V R.M.S., 600 V R.M.S. and 1000 V R.M.S. 

Conductor: Silver Plated Copper (SPC)

Single or stranded, sizes from AWG 10 to AWG 32.

Current carrying capacity: 6 Amps to more than 100 Amps

Cross sectional area of conductor: 0.031 mm square to 4.650 mm square.

Standard Sizes of PTFE Wires
as per BSG-210 Type A, B, C and MIL-W-16878 Type ET, E, EE.

Non-standard and large cross sectional sizes are made to order.

​PTFE Thermocouple Wires

We at BDMG, offer a wide range of PTFE Thermocouple Wires.

Some of the Key Specifications are mentioned below:

Conductor: Ni-Cr / Ni-Al

Temperature Range: - 65 °C to 260 °C

Temperature Measurement Range: Up to 1650 °C

Standard Applicable: DIN 43722 / ANSI MC 96.1 / BS1843D4937 / IS8784 - 1987


PTFE Insulated Multicore Cables

We at BDMG, offer a wide range of PTFE Insulated Multicore Cable, majorly dealing with the Defence Industry.

Some of the Key Specifications are mentioned below:

Conductor: ABC/SPC/NPC

Voltage Grade: 250 V / 600 V / 1000 V

Jacket Material: PTFE or FRLS PVC

Temperature Range: - 65 °C to + 200 °C

PTFE Teflon™ Tapes

We at BDMG, provide PTFE Teflon™ Tapes for electric insulation purpose or for release film.

PTFE Tapes are available in any required width 6 mm to 150 mm and in any required thickness 0.003 to 0.025 inch as per the customer needs.


Disclaimer - Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.

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